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Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
10:21 pm
Because of an article I've recently been linked to, I've been researching a little bit to find out if there's any real difference between the terms "bestiality" and "zoophilia" as the author of the article would have us believe. Apparently there is a difference, but not as the dolphin!sex author explained it.

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Sunday, July 31st, 2005
2:30 pm
Amazing story!
I have to rec this: Early Morning Music


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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
1:44 am
Title: The Inconstant Moon
Author: CarvedWood
Pairing: Draco/ erm...
Rating: NC17
Category: PWP
Warnings: Incest, chan, beastiality, urophilia
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and related characters belong to JKR. You know it, I know it.
Notes: This story was concieved and written as a gift to Kitsune. I am grateful to both RedDwarfer and Rinsbane for agreeing to spend time on the beta, and to Rinsbane for the extra-special encouragement I needed to believe that I could really get away with... er, I mean, that I could succeed with this story. Any errors remaining are my own.

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1:48 am
Fic Rec
Looky! I found Slash!

Title: Takes a Licking
Author: Bait
Archive: Azkaban's Lair
Summary: Remus is naughty. Padfoot likes it. Padfoot is naughty. Remus likes it.
Spoilers: For PoA.
Rating: NC-17.
Warnings: PWP; teenage snogging; bestiality.

Takes a Licking

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Friday, July 22nd, 2005
6:21 pm
To See The Human Soul Take Wing has been finished. It's the sequel to Of Wolf and Man.

ETA: I'll have something new to add to this board in a day or so.
And it would be nice if I weren't the only one adding anything. :(
Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
11:47 pm
Sugar Moon by alchemia

This is a Remus-centric fic - not smutty - but very well written and intersting. I can really identify with 5-year old Remus here, I also developed my main sexual kink at the same age (but, mine is not the same as his! and no, I'm not refering to my fur kink either...)

The beastiality aspect in this fic is subtle, but I can see this as the logical first step toward him welcoming attention from Padfoot. All in all, an excellent read and I found it very thought-provoking.

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4:52 am
Fic Rec
Unleashed [Zephyr] - NC17
Hermione and Remus are poised to perform for a gathering of Deatheaters. Things go horribly wrong when Remus unleashes his beast to save them both. M/F,NC,Beast

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Monday, June 20th, 2005
11:53 pm
Author: CarvedWood
Title: Monster
Pairing: Neville/Giant Squid
Rating: NC17, I guess
Warnings: Tentacle!sex, dubious consent
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and related characters belong to JKR. You know it, I know it.
Summary: Cephalopods don't speak English.

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12:58 am
Fic Recs
A Tame Wolf [Monty] - NC17
Tonks and Remus / Remus wolf M/F,Anal,Beast,Oral

Werewolf In A Red Dress [Monty] - NC17
[WIP] Remus working at a whore house/bar a year after the first fall of Tom Riddle, Lucius thinks that everything is on the menu, that's how things start anyway. Other Characters- Severus M/M,BDSM,CBT,PWP,Slash,Tort,Anal,H/C,Humil,N/C,Oral,Beast,Solo,Tent,TS

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Sunday, June 19th, 2005
11:52 pm
Ha! I get to post the first story!
Title: Effective Distractions
Author: CarvedWood
Pairing: Sirius/Moony
Rating: NC17
Warning: Beastiality
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and related characters belong to JKR. You know it, I know it.
Summary: Rainy nights suck. Unless you're really good friends.

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9:28 pm
Kit's fic recs
This is a list of some of my favorite fics featuring sexual situations with Animagi or werewolves... most are NC-17 and all are slash, so don't click if this isn't what you are looking for.

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11:08 pm
This Ain't Your Kid's Petting Zoo! WooT!
Hi! This is Kitsune and CarvedWood, and we'd like to welcome you to the Harry Potter Beastiary!
The universe created by J. K. Rowling, known to fanfiction as the Potterverse, is one that is rich in magic, myth - and romance. Yet there's an aspect to the Potterverse that we have both discovered a common interest in - the creatures. The Potterverse has everything from acromantula to yeti, a cast of creatures that almost boggles the imagination. Kit and I met and bonded due to our common interest in the fic Of Wolf and Man by the incredible Maeglin Yedi. That's the fic that started us on our search - the search for good beast!smut.
Unfortunately, in the thousands of Potterverse fics available on the internet, good beast smut fics are hard to find. Voila! Kit had the idea for the hp_beastiary, and here we are!

Although the main thrust (no pun intended) of this community would seem to be NC17 smut involving beastiality (and you'd be completely correct in that assumption), we both understand that there is an untapped potential for creativity in fiction that involves at least one creature as a major character. Is Fawkes the hero of your story? Can you picture Aragog or Norbert charging in and saving the day? Does the idea of your favorite PotterPet having sex just squick you straight to the porcelain god? If anyone should happen to have a wild, wonderful idea for a creature-feature fic, but just can't bring yourself to put any sex into it, that's okay. I would never want to miss even one fantastic, well-written fic just because there's little to no sex involved.

So that's the premise for the Harry Potter Beastiary - the possibility that it's not just the human characters that are worth reading about. We'd like to invite our members to delve into pairings and a genre that few authors bother to explore. Pick a beast - any beast - and get creative!

Oh, and here's a bunch of rules:

Rule #1: Your story must have, as a major character, a non-human of some sort. The Lexicon's Bestiary is an excellent resource if you're trying to figure out who you want to write about. CW would also like to remind authors that there is an audience for stories (especially smutty ones) that star a Dark Creature.
Rule #2: We may like Sirius and Remus fics, but we'll only accept stories or links to a story featuring Moony or Padfoot. If you want to write about an Animagus, that's great, but we want some mention of their beasts.

Rule #3: Your story, or your link, must include a rating and a warning, so that people who are easily squicked don't fall into a cesspit they weren't expecting. No one likes it when that happens. Well, actually, Kit and I wouldn't care, but it's not just a good idea, it's the law!

Rule #4: This community isn't a kiddie's petting zoo. You're bound to read something in this journal that no one wants their children to read, so please, be of age in your area before exploring; definitely be of age if you plan to apply for membership. Pay attention to the warnings and the ratings, and please don't pet anything if you woudn't want it to pet you back.

Now, y'all get down with your creative selves and write us some stories!
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