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Kit's fic recs

This is a list of some of my favorite fics featuring sexual situations with Animagi or werewolves... most are NC-17 and all are slash, so don't click if this isn't what you are looking for.

Conjugating Profanity by trobadora Padfoot/Severus - the first beastie fic I ever read, and I still enjoy rereading it

Of Wolf and Man by maeglinyedi Moony/Harry/Sirius - the fic that made me go looking for more beastie fics to read

How To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks by maeglinyedi Padfoot/Harry/Remus - PWP sequel to Of Wolf and Man

To See The Human Soul Take Wing by maeglinyedi Harry/Sirius/Remus - long sequel to Of Wolf and Man with vampires, more werewolves, and more hot threesomes

Running Around in the Dark by leni_jess Moony/Lucius - carvedwood rec'd this to me when we first found we had an affinity for fur, I don't usually read much Lucius fic... but, well, WERESEX!

A Werewolf's Company by leni_jess Moony/Lucius - sequel to Running Around in the Dark

Wolves at Play by leni_jess Moony/Lucius - sequel to A Werewolf's Company

Parsel-tongue Tied by dementordelta Harry/Severus - just so you know it's not just about canines for me!

Lower Him Down (With Links of Chain) by loupgarou1750 Harry/Severus/OMC Animagus - read the warnings on this one before reading the fic, it's pretty kinky and has squicked some people that I have rec'd it to... interesting use of Polyjuice potion, and Snape is not a nice guy in this fic
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