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Ha! I get to post the first story!

Title: Effective Distractions
Author: CarvedWood
Pairing: Sirius/Moony
Rating: NC17
Warning: Beastiality
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and related characters belong to JKR. You know it, I know it.
Summary: Rainy nights suck. Unless you're really good friends.

Effective Distractions

It was raining over Hogsmeade. Not a thunderstorm, or a cleansing shower; this was the kind of rain that fell for days, pacing itself, until everything felt damp and smelled a bit musty. Thick clouds hid the full moon. The steady drip of water was a constant undertone to all the night sounds and no one could be immune to the slightly depressing effect of gray skies and unrelenting mud and wet; it was the kind of evening that brought out the worst miseries of the soul. Occasionally the wind gusted and spattered a bit of rain onto the dry sandy floor; the glamour that prevented anyone from finding the little cave didn't fool the elements. A fire burned low in the ring of stones that Sirius had carefully placed earlier, unequal to the task of holding the bleak night at bay. For the most part, all the fire accomplished was to throw odd shadows over the rough rock walls, and it couldn't even be built higher - magically-dried wood smoked something fierce. All in all, the cave was not the most comfortable place to spend a rainy full moon night, but it was far better than being in the Forbidden Forest and completely unsheltered.

The inhuman warmth that Moony's body gave off was far more useful than the fire. Sirius was lying on his back, Remus' cloak between his bare body and the sandy floor of the cave, his own soaked robes spread to dry near the fire. His hands were laid quietly above his head and he stared sightlessly up at the cave's roughly-carved ceiling. Fur and muscle pressed against his side, down the entire length of his body, and Moony had finally stopped snuffling his cold wet nose into Sirius' ear or thumping his tail across Sirius' shins.

"I remember holding him after he was born, when they brought him home," Sirius was saying softly. "Lily took a picture of it. I didn't even realize that my face was capable of wearing that expression. I thought only women smiled that big just because they were holding a baby."

Moony grunted conversationally, and his tongue swept across the man's jawline.

"He felt so tiny, so fragile," Sirius whispered. "Just one of my hands was larger than his head. I don't recall thinking anything rational. All I was aware of was the incredible impossibility that I had come to that point, to that moment, when I was sitting on the sofa and holding something worth more than my entire life, and that it had only existed for a matter of hours. He was so new, so infinitely precious."

Moony's tongue brushed his throat, and Sirius turned his head ever so slightly so that the long tongue could reach the hollow where his neck met shoulder. It travelled in long, steady strokes over the rounded muscle of shoulder, the hump of contracted bicep and the stretched length of tricep before the wolf stuck his nose into the dark hair of Sirius' armpit and inhaled. Sirius' body shifted away from the tickling sensation, and the wolf followed until his tongue was moving across the man's body, tracing the lines of collar bone and sternum.

"James laughed at me, and Lily scolded me for bringing him so many toys. She said that a baby didn't really need that many stuffed animals, and that pretty soon there wouldn't be room in the nursery for Harry, much less anything else I brought. But I couldn't help it. He was my godson, I wanted to give him the world, and I had no idea how to begin. So I brought him toys."

The tongue had started across one of his pectoral muscles, and flicked against a dark nipple, which immediately drew up into a hard nub. The wolf's golden eyes, half-closed in lazy contemplation, caught this reaction. The second time, the caress was a calculated one. Sirius stirred briefly but didn't push him away, so Moony did it again.

"I still have that urge," the man murmured. "I want to run into Diagon Alley and hit every shop, spend every Galleon I have on anything that Harry might have missed. But I can't fill up the absence of twelve years by pouring gold over it, can I?"

With his brain distracted by memory and loss, the purposeful manipulation of sensitive flesh shot through his nerves and went straight to his groin. His cock twitched reflexively. The wolf saw it, and moved so that his nimble tongue could stroke across ribs, belly, and the jut of hipbone.

"I had finally memorized every cowlick of his hair, and could translate all his coos and gurgles. Did you know he could say my name?" Sirius asked, and the tongue dipped into his navel. The man sighed, his lashes fluttered and his throat worked to swallow against the lump that had formed there. "He knew my name," he whispered.

When the tongue swept across the smooth plane of skin below his navel, it set off a nerve-storm and the muscles rippled uncontrollably. The aftershocks sent blood rushing to his cock, and Sirius made a small sound as his erection grew, the flesh swelling with reaction. The wolf rose, depriving Sirius of his warmth, but only to settle his large body between the man's knees. Fur rubbed on the skin of his inner thighs, and heated breath gusted over his sac. The wolf paused a moment, perhaps to discover if the man was going to protest, but Sirius said nothing. He didn't move much at all, his hands remaining stretched above his head and his body laid out without regard for vulnerability. The wolf stroked his tongue in one long sweep over the underside of Sirius' cock and the man couldn't bite back a moan. His back arched slightly, those grey eyes remaining closed.

"I missed him," he said softly. The tongue laved him again. "I missed Lily and James." Hot, wet velvet set up a rhythm of stroking licks that travelled unbroken from the root of Sirius' cock to the head, where it swirled before repeating the motion. A muffled sound escaped Sirius' throat, and his knees opened a little further in response. "I missed you, Remus," he whispered, and the hands over his head tightened into fists but he didn't bring them down to rest on the wolf's head. Moony had an objective, and Sirius didn't really feel like interfering with whatever was going on in the wolf's head.

Moony worked his cock expertly, dipping lower into the crevice between the man's buttocks, soothing and teasing, gentle as a bath. That tongue was most definitely nothing like a human tongue. Sensations built up until Sirius was gasping, moaning. At one point, it almost became too much - he murmured a warning to Moony, and the tongue stopped, withdrew. Sirius' eyes opened, and he glanced down the length of his body. His cock was hard, stiff against his belly and wet with precome and saliva; between his knees, Moony had half-risen to his paws for better leverage, and Sirius could just glimpse a length of glistening pink flesh underneath the tawny fur of Moony's belly.

"Yes?" Sirius asked, and the low rumbling moan that answered him was affirmative. Sirius moved finally, bringing his hands down and pulling up his knees to his chest. The position was awkward and difficult to maintain until Moony pressed closer, tucking the curves of Sirius' arse between his thighs and letting the man wrap his legs around his ribcage.

Hot breath panted moistly against his cheek, fur and hard muscle pressed against his belly and chest. Forelegs wrapped around him securely, both like and unlike the arms of Remus-the-man. This was not something either of them had thought of twelve years ago - the thought of not doing it now finally crossed Sirius' mind. The man could feel the pointed tip of the wolf's cock pressing insistently against the ring of muscle, waiting for entry. If there were spells that would make this penetration easier, Sirius couldn't remember them, and spit was never really enough lubrication. But the wolf was staring down into his eyes and when Sirius met that gaze, he ducked his head and once more dragged his tongue against the man's nipple. The caress was reassurance and encouragement, both. Sirius took a deep breath, let it out slowly, relaxed, and let Moony slide into him.

The cock pressing into him was long, slightly thinner than a man's, slick and smooth. The tongue stroked his nipple again, and the sensation distracted Sirius long enough for his body to relax that little bit more, all that was necessary for Moony to surge forward, burying himself to the root inside Sirius' body. The man let out a noise, half-protest, half-shock, but it was too late. The wolf found leverage with his front legs, shifted himself slightly to take most of Sirius' weight onto his own powerful hindquarters, and began a long, pistoning rhythm without waiting for Sirius' body to fully adjust to the penetration.

This was definitely not going to be over quickly; within a few minutes, Sirius could tell that the lazy mood of exploration hadn't been broken. It hurt - his sphincter burned with the sudden stretching, and his inner muscles were abraded by the unlubricated friction. Moony's prick was leaking fluid, though, and the slick wetness eased the friction slightly. The pain grew tolerable. After a few more lunges, after Moony had shifted and the cock inside him had struck his sensitive prostate once or twice, the pain was indescribably wonderful. His head fell to one side, baring his throat; his hands came up to slide his fingers through the ruff of fur that protected Moony's neck.

This wasn't like sex with Remus. This wasn't the body of his old friend, familiar and understood, under his fingertips. There was no way to close his eyes and pretend this was something other than what it was. He felt his own cock rubbing against Moony's furry belly, smelled wolf's breath and the scent of canine arousal. He could hear little growls coming from Moony's throat, the wet smacking sounds of flesh impaling flesh. That long tongue swept across his mouth and he stuck his own out to meet it, tasting saliva and the lingering salt from his own body. He opened his eyes and saw that golden gaze narrowed and intent on him, and fully accepted the truth. He was being enthusiastically and quite impolitely fucked by a werewolf.

Thoughts of the past, the night, the rain, were all forgotten as the recognition triggered a burst of reaction in his body. He arched upward, bucking to meet each rude thrust from Moony with equal fervor, the new angle making the cock inside him press hard into the sensitive gland, the burning pain of entry mingling with the sheer pleasure of being fucked. He abandoned himself to it, writhing, whimpering short, incoherent entreaties to Moony, which the wolf answered perfectly. The wolf's hips swiveled and his thrusts became harder, sharper, until he was driving his prick into Sirius' body at different angles, stretching the taut ring of muscle and stabbing deep, hitting the prostate at irregular intervals until each thrust was a completely unique experience. Sirius forgot the past, forgot the rain, forgot that he was going to come at any moment, forgot everything but the brutal - perfect! - drive of Moony's prick, deep inside his arse. He grunted, moaned, panted, pleading Moony to give him more, harder, make it hurt, make it -


Sirius nearly screamed, his back arching off the robe, his hands twisting in Moony's ruff as he came explosively, shooting thick streams into Moony's fur. Moony didn't pause, and the man's orgasm ripped through his body like an earthquake, setting off a chain reaction until every nerve was involved in the release. The wolf never broke his rhythm, his own orgasm filling Sirius' body with wet and heat, even after the man had collapsed, panting and whimpering a little at the over-stimulation. The pressure built and Sirius forgot the very existence of the world around them. Nothing existed but fur, the smell of semen, and the hot length inside him, and golden eyes staring down into his own. That length swelled until it felt as though there was a fist inside him, a fist pressing and pounding against the walls of his arse without mercy. Sirius reached down to pull at his own cock, looking for some way to release that pressure again. He pulled, squeezed, worked his flesh until it swelled again.

When Sirius had come a second time, the wolf had finally stopped moving although the knot hadn't receded. Sirius opened his eyes, only just realizing that he'd closed them again. Those golden eyes were watching him, intent, considering - somewhere in those golden depths Remus was waiting for Sirius to react.

The man managed to find a smile. He knew he'd be aching and sore for awhile, but Remus had nothing to be apprehensive about. His hands moved to scratch behind the wolf's ears, and Moony whined a bit, lowering his body to rest carefully across Sirius' chest, trying not to crush the man. It would be a few minutes more before the swelling of his prick receded enough to allow him to leave Sirius' body, and the man's smile grew. Glancing around, he decided that he couldn't think of a better place to have spent this rainy night.

"Well, at least I don't feel sorry for myself now," he murmured to the sleepily-blinking werewolf. "As an effective distraction, Moony, you really take the prize."

~ Fin ~
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