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Author: CarvedWood
Title: Monster
Pairing: Neville/Giant Squid
Rating: NC17, I guess
Warnings: Tentacle!sex, dubious consent
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and related characters belong to JKR. You know it, I know it.
Summary: Cephalopods don't speak English.


"Trevor!" Neville hissed. "Trevor, this isn't funny anymore! This is our seventh year at Hogwarts - can you go one year, at least, without running off like this? Trevor, where are you?"

This was ridiculous! It was getting dark; everyone else had already gone on to Hogwarts, leaving Neville out by the lake, alone, and once again looking for the stubborn toad that refused to stay in his pocket like a good familiar. He had thought for sure he'd seen the toad hopping near the lake. Now here he was, on the longest pier furthest from the castle, and he couldn't see Trevor anywhere. From the corner of his eye, he thought he saw movement in the water, and whirled so fast that he lost his footing. He fell with a splash.

"Ugh!" he moaned, as soon as his head broke water. With a great deal of splashing and kicking, he reached out for the side of the pier and hauled himself up. His robes were wet, as were the clothes underneath, and for a moment he could visualize Filch's face in great detail if Neville should return to the castle dripping water all over Filch's floors. Trevor was forgotten as he glanced carefully around to see if any of the other students might be nearby. There was no one in sight, and the night was deepening by the minute. He knew a spell that would only take a second to dry out his clothes, but there was no way he was going to risk performing it with the clothes still on him. He could remember quite well what had happened the last time he'd pointed his wand at himself, and he didn't think Madame Pomfrey would appreciate a return visit. So there was nothing for it. He pulled his robes off, and struggled a bit with the laces on his shoes, until finally he was out of his wet clothes.

Now what was that spell again? Sicco Vesta? Siccus? Or, no, wait, now he remembered. He was shivering, wet, in the chilly night air. Best to hurry up about it. He still had to find Trevor, after all. He waved his wand over his shirt, first. "Sicco Vestis!" he said firmly, and was relieved when a stream of magic shot out of the tip of his wand and his shirt steamed in the evening air. He picked it up, shook it out, and checked that the shirt was whole as well as perfectly dry - it was. He bent over, meaning to spell his trousers next, when a splash from the water alerted him - not in time to allow him to react, though. When two long tentacles twined around his waist and jerked him backward, he was startled enough to drop his wand in the pile of his wet clothing.

The squid. Oh, Merlin, the squid had him!

He fell into the water for a second time, the tentacles still twined around his body. He'd opened his mouth, intending to scream no matter how embarrassing it would be to be found like this, but water rushed in and he choked. Immediately he was lifted out of the water again, spluttering and coughing, almost incapable of drawing a breath, much less calling out. The tentacles lifted him up and he grabbed the edge of the pier to haul himself out. He couldn't. The tentacles were holding him, preventing him from falling back in over his head but also holding most of his body underwater. Only his head and his uplifted arms were clear.

"What are you doing?" he asked incredulously, forgetting that in all probability, giant squids didn't speak English. He didn't even know if they had ears. Still, he was answered a moment later when, just under the surface of the water, two arms twined around his legs, pulling them apart. "Hey!"

This wasn't possible. It was just being friendly, right? It was curious, that was all - too bloody curious! he thought to himself as yet another arm began poking at him under the murky water. Right. That was it. He opened his mouth to yell and found it stuffed with the slimy, cold tip of a squid arm. He wanted to bite down, but the arm was attached to the creature whose other appendages were unhindered, and now he was afraid of angering it into violence. It was caressing him as though... as though... His eyes widened as the notion that it was not being "just friendly" entered his mind, that it had a goal in its squiddish mind, and he nearly gagged on the mouthful it had forced on him. He reached down with one hand, trying to pull the obstruction out of his mouth, brush off the sliding arms, but it tugged suddenly and he reached wildly for the pier's edge again, believing it meant to pull him under. That, of course, left no way for him to struggle, since his feet and legs had been effectively shackled.

He knew squids had eight arms, as well as two tentacles. The tentacles were currently holding him securely, and two arms were involved in spreading his legs; one more was in his mouth. One was most definitely poking around his bum. That left four arms, and apparently it had decided to set all four into exploring as much of his body as it could reach. Given his precarious position, that meant that he was entirely vulnerable to it. He shuddered, then shivered in an entirely different reaction when limbs made entirely of cold muscle slid over his torso, the warmer flesh of the suckers sliding roughly over his cold-hardened nipples. More arms had slid between his thighs, over his flaccid cock. He flinched, his thighs attempting to close even as his arsehole tightened reflexively. The reaction was noticed, and the arm that had been idly poking about slid between his arse cheeks to investigate.

Even scared half out of his wits, cold and wet, and feeling horribly vulnerable couldn't keep Neville's body from ignoring the fact that something was prodding and stroking at an area of his body that even he didn't touch that often. He twitched, and another arm joined the inspection. He began to thrash his legs as much as possible and must have startled it, because one of the arms probing his nether regions slid quite suddenly just inside his arsehole.

Neville nearly bit down.

The tentacles and arms committed to holding him tightened, and they were stronger than he - he found himself incapable of even thrashing about and the more he tried, the farther his legs were spread apart. The arm in his arse hadn't receded - maybe it was the heat, or the tightness, but it was pushing forward instead of leaving his body. Neville squeezed his eyes shut and pressed his tongue into the obstruction in his mouth to prevent himself from screaming but couldn't prevent a low moan. All of his attention had been drawn to that one point on his body, where the alien flesh was wiggling, pushing, stretching him little by little, not really hurting him but it felt so strange and this was so embarrassing and he wasn't supposed to be allowing this and OH! What the hell was that!? The probing tip had brushed against something inside him and the result had been a lightning jab of pure sensation through Neville's tense, stiff body. Even embarrassment and fear and cold water couldn't prevent the blood from rushing to his cock in reaction. And, of course, the squid noticed this, and began checking out this new development. As if it weren't enough that pressing against that spot inside him was causing his body to go crazy, he now had an arm pulling at his cock and another fooling around with his sac! Nothing in his grandmother's volumes of A Wizarde's Goode Behaviorre had ever told him how he was supposed to act in this kind of situation.

The seeking tip of the arm inside his bum decided to press a little further upward, pressing harder against that special spot as it contracted and lengthened rhythmically. Neville tried to distract himself, and realized that he was sucking on the tip that lay on his tongue. It wiggled a bit, and experimentally he rubbed his tongue against it at the same time as he sucked - the squid responded by jerking all of its limbs unexpectedly, all at once. Neville was nearly pulled under the water before the spasm was over, and might not have even noticed. The length curled around his cock had tightened and pulled. The one in his arse contracted, stretching the tight ring of muscle before it shot upward again. The tentacle wrapped around his chest slithered in a spiralling turn, rubbing his nipples harshly. The simultaneous activity against every one of the occupied errogenous zones was too much - Neville's body contracted in orgasm, his cock shooting a hot stream of come into the cool of the water, every muscle in his body tightening into the paroxysm of release.

He nearly let go of the edge of the pier but a hand shot out to grasp his wrist and he glanced up, his eyes wide and horrified. He couldn't quite make out the features of the boy standing on the dock, but the grip was secure and he could have wept as the arms of the squid retreated from his mouth, his cock, and his arse, releasing him at last. He grabbed for the planks of wood, gasping, as he was pulled up onto the dry boards of the pier.

"You were too busy to notice," the boy said wryly, "but I dried all your clothes. You should probably go on up to the castle. Oh, and here's your toad, too."

"Who... how..." Neville panted, moving at last to pull his pants on.

"Blaise, Blaise Zabini," the boy said. "You know me, even though we never talk."

"You're a Slytherin," Neville remembered. "If you tell anyone -"

"Oh, please," the other boy said scornfully, paused, then snorted in amusement. "I won't tell if you don't," he offered.


The other boy was pulling off his robes as Neville was pulling his own on. "Longbottom, if you really think you're the first boy who ever discovered the adventures of nighttime swimming, you're mental," he said as an explanation. As Neville fumbled his shoes on, the other boy lowered himself into the water. "Goodnight!" Blaise called cheerfully before a splash took him from Neville's sight. The Gryffindor boy blinked, frowned, blinked again, and finally decided that no, he just didn't want to think about it.

Neville picked up his toad and trudged homeward to the castle.

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