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hp_beastiary's Journal

Harry Potter Beastiary
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Here's the premise for the Harry Potter Beastiary - the possibility that it's not just the human characters that are worth reading about. Is Fawkes the hero of your story? Can you picture Aragog or Norbert charging in and saving the day? Share it with us! We'd like to invite our members to delve into pairings and a genre that few authors bother to explore. Pick a beast - any beast - and get creative!

Rules? Of course we have rules!

Rule #1: Your story must have, as a major character, a non-human of some sort. The Lexicon's Bestiary is an excellent resource if you're trying to figure out who you want to write about. CW would also like to remind authors that there is an audience for stories (especially smutty ones) that star a Dark Creature.
Rule #2: We may like Sirius and Remus fics, but we'll only accept stories or links to a story featuring Moony or Padfoot. If you want to write about an Animagus, that's great, but we want some serious mention of their beast sides.

Non-fiction essays about the Potterverse are welcome as well, same guidelines as above for fic.

Rule #3: Your story, or your link, must include a rating and a warning, so that people who are easily squicked don't fall into a cesspit they weren't expecting. No one likes it when that happens. Well, actually, Kit and CW wouldn't care, but it's not just a good idea, it's the law!
You can still post your story if it doesn't have smut, of course. We know some people freak out about that stuff, so feel free with the gen.

Rule #4: This community isn't a kiddie's petting zoo. You're bound to read something in this journal that no one wants their children to read, so please, be of age in your area before exploring; definitely be of age if you plan to apply for membership. Pay attention to the warnings and the ratings, and please don't pet anything if you woudn't want it to pet you back.

Now, y'all get down with your creative selves and write (or rec) some stories!